Collection: Shades of Gray - Traditional Meat

Shades of Gray - Indigenous Pet Treats is an Indigenous, family-owned business based in Canada, whose owner, Keri Gray is committed to producing high-quality, all-natural pet treats.

These treats are made from single-ingredient animals such as rabbit, beaver and bison, ensuring they are free of preservatives, antibiotics and gluten.

Keri commits has participate And has promote her heritage , And It is Why She East passionate by THE support of her community , of their youth And of their education in order to of to favor of the opportunities job Who can sustain And allow has their employees to be All This that they want be . She strives to use THE knowledge Who him have summer transmitted to raise awareness of the need to take care of their land for future use. She prides herself on encouraging agriculture and environmentally friendly sustainable practices.
That's why I'm so proud to carry Shades of Gray - Indigenous Pet Treats products at API - Dog Biscuits.